Cognex Bulgaria, a top player in computer vision and inspection systems, relies solely on proven components supplied by, among others, Nevo Sector. As a renowned supplier of industrial components, we provide reliable and advanced solutions that allow Cognex Bulgaria to achieve excellent results.

We meet the unique needs of Cognex Bulgaria with our extensive portfolio of industrial components, enabling them to develop advanced computer vision and inspection systems. Working with us provides the company with access to innovative technologies and high-end technical support.

As a reliable partner, we offer more than just the highest-quality components. You may count on comprehensive service and advice from us. Our expert team perfectly grasps the requirements of Cognex Bulgaria and delivers suitable solutions, contributing to their success.

If you are looking for a reliable industrial components supplier that cooperates with leading companies such as Cognex Bulgaria – we are prepared to meet your expectations. Please visit our website to discover our wide range of products and services available to enhance your industrial operations.

нево сектор

Нево Сектор EООД – Компания базирана в София, България. Компанията е създадена през 1989 г. и Нево Сектор EООД е официалният дистрибутор на SSZ GMBH за България. Благодарение на дългогодишния опит в производствения сектор, SSZ GmbH предлага висококачествени продукти.

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