About us

Nevo Sector Ltd. - A company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

More and more complex and faster operation frequencies lead to higher demands of personal safety for machines and devices. The fundamental obligation to take the necessary precautions are laid down in different laws. This requires partly different and partly the same safety measures. The SSZ-safety units are made to protect you from dangerous movements. SSZ-safety switching rails, SSZ-safety mats, and SSZ-safety bumpers are safety systems that, through the influence of some activity in cooperation with an electronic controller, produce a control command. Usually, this is a stop command. Protection of dangers and dangerous areas is given in this way.

The company was established in 1989 and NEVO SECTOR LTD. is the official distributor of SSZ GMBH for Bulgaria. Thanks to long years of experience in the manufacturing sector, SSZ GmbH provides high-quality products.

Nevo Sector Ltd. works mainly with machine manufacturers which grants us the opportunity to deliver on partial or complete components of industrial automation, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, mechanical engineering, and all related services.

We have at our disposal a significant number of manufacturers and more than 600 suppliers worldwide.

Nevo Sector was built for a rapidly developing market with the goal of providing comprehensive services, better cooperation, and to achieve the best results in this area.